China has become a nation with the largest number of Internet users and the top country in new mobile device activations. To foster Internet innovation, attract brilliant brains from different disciplines, and nurturing Chinese “Steven Jobs”, the Department of Information Management in Peking University, collaborating with the most influential Internet companies in China, including Baidu, Tencent, Innovation Works and Douban, set up an open course “Web Product Design ” in Summer 2012.

This course teaches the whole process of designing and developing various Web products, including in-depth analysis of Internet trends and user requirements, user-centered design methods, user study techniques, interaction and user experience design, usability test, brand marketing, and start-up business models. The course is a channel to transfer knowledge from companies to classrooms. It also a platform to help students learn about Chinese Internet companies before their job-seeking.

The course has come to a success. Fifty students from 20 universities all over the country were enrolled. They formed 10 project teams to design and develop applications under the instruction of experienced product managers and designers from the Internet companies. At the end of the 3-week course, interesting and inspiring applications were developed, running smoothly on iPhones or Android devices.