Statistics of the Application and Admission

  • Our course has recieved over 100 applicants from 20+ universities in China, South Korea, United States and United Kingdom. 50 students are admitted based on their qualification and related experience. The major of students enjoys a great diversity, shown as below:

    The Major distribution of the students

  • Comments from Students

  • Chen Luyao(Project: Postcards)

    Different from other courses, this course provides us with not only carefully prepared lectures by university professors but also first-hand experience shared by seasoned designers from Internet firms! The fresh combination brings me systematic knowledge as well as plenty of cases and experience from the Internet industry. What’s more, by participating in team practice and following the process of coming up with an idea, doing user research, designing a prototype and presenting it to others, we got a deeper understanding about web products and gain precious friendship. The last lesson is really impressive, where all the teams showed their wonderful products and designers from Baidu, Innovation Works, Tencent and other Internet firms made pertinent comments on each product, which benefited us a lot. I’m glad to see that our product got appreciation from the designers. It’s really an amazing course, and I really appreciate our teachers and teaching assistants for their devotion to the course. I hope it will get better and better!

    Wang Cong(Project: Finding Food)

    I had no idea about designing a web product before the course, while now I am really interested in it. I learned to use Axure to design prototypes during the course, and I find it so convenient and powerful to express design ideas that I strongly enjoy the course of designing prototypes after having a good command of this useful tool. The course is not dull or boring at all, providing a great deal of practical knowledge for me in a refreshing way. I also benefited a lot from the team practice, and developed profound friendship with my teammates. I played as the product manager of our team and one of the teaching assistants of the course, which greatly improved my communication and organization skills as well as enabled me to make more new friends. I really appreciate the course and I hope it could be better and better and benefit more students!

    Zhang Ta(Project: When and Where shall we meet)

    I feel happy and lucky for making up my mind to take the course. I have always been interested in designing web products, and had already read a lot of useful materials from the Internet and done some relevant work myself before the course, but I had never studied product design in a systematic way. The summer course, however, provided me with comprehensive and complete product design teaching, and most of the lectures were given by seasoned designers from leading domestic Internet firms. During the three-week course, we learned basic knowledge as well as formed our own team to practice product design, experiencing the full process of user research, prototype design, and product development. On the last lesson, each team presented its product and communicated with other teams, and designers made pertinent comments on the products, which benefited us a lot. The team work leaves the deepest impression on me since I really learned a lot by discussing and communicating with my teammates.